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Post & Pier House

A post-and-pier house is built on wooden posts or concrete piers set into the ground to bear the weight of the house. Because a post-and-pier house has no continuous concrete-perimeter foundation, it is particularly vulnerable to shifting, and potentially collapsing, in an earthquake. 

To best withstand the effects of earthquakes, post-and-pier houses should receive a new continuous-perimeter foundation, with any cripple walls bolted and braced. New footings (what a foundation is called for a house) with a continuous-perimeter can be installed by a licensed contractor or an owner-builder, and a standard plan set without an engineered design can be followed as long as any cripple wall is shorter than four feet. Typically, Plan Set A is used in Northern California, and Standard Plan Set 1 is used in Southern California.

If your house has cripple walls taller than four feet, or if it’s on a steep slope and has a stepped cripple wall, you will need an engineered design. You should hire a licensed structural or civil engineer to advise you on your retrofit.

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