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Helping Financially Protect Californians From Damaging Earthquakes 

California is home to thousands of known earthquake faults, yet only about 1 in 10 Californians carry earthquake insurance on their home. Now is a great time to join with CEA to help Californians get the earthquake insurance coverage they need.  

Become a CEA Participating Insurer 

Join other industry-leading residential insurance carriers by offering CEA earthquake insurance to your home, mobilehome, condo unit, and rental policyholders. At CEA, we’d love to welcome you as a Participating Residential Insurer (PI)! 

What you need to know: 

  • California law requires all residential insurers in the state to offer earthquake insurance to policyholders when writing or renewing residential property insurance in California. 
  • ​CEA earthquake policies are sold only through California-licensed property insurance companies that submit an application letter to the CEA Governing Board for approval.  
  • Each CEA participating insurer must enter into an Insurer Participation Agreement that is executed on behalf of each respective participating insurer, CEA (“the Authority,”) and the California Insurance Commissioner. 
  • CEA does not offer stand-alone policies. PIs’ policyholders must have a residential insurance policy through a CEA Participating Insurer before they can purchase a CEA policy from that PI. 
  • Once your company is approved to write CEA policies, your  representatives will be responsible for the servicing and claims handling of CEA insurance policies. 
  • It will be your responsibility to make sure your claim representativesincluding any independent claim representatives they employare trained according to CEA claim-handling guidelines, as well as California Fair Claims Settlement Practices found in the California Code of Regulation, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5.  

What does a CEA PI do? 

  • Gives CEA insurance quotes 
  • Sells CEA earthquake insurance policies 
  • Handles policy renewals 
  • Helps policyholders make changes to their existing CEA policy 
  • Processes invoices and payments 
  • Handles earthquake damage claims 

Offer your residential policyholders peace of mind 

As a CEA PI, you’ll be able to offer CEA earthquake insurance policies for: 

For detailed information on becoming a CEA PI, please see the California Insurance Code §§10089.5—10089.54 or contact the CEA Insurance Operations at (888) 423-2322. 

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