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For Agents: CEA Condominium Earthquake Insurance Policies 

Is your customer’s condo unit ready for the next earthquake? 

CEA condominium earthquake insurance policies provide your customers with the strength they need to recover from a damaging earthquake.  

Talk to your customer about the CEA earthquake-coverage options that fit their needs and budget. And use our premium calculator to help get them a quick earthquake insurance price estimate. 
Did you know?
Earthquake damage and loss isn’t covered by standard condo or HOA insurance.

A CEA earthquake insurance policy can help pay for damages to the inside of your customer's unit and belongings. 

CEA condo unit coverage options* 

Building Property -

Building Property

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Helpful when the inside of your customer's condo unit is damaged, such as interior walls or fixtures.
Loss of Use -

Loss of Use

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A necessity for additional living expenses if your customer must live outside their home because of earthquake damage or as directed by a civil authority. This coverage never has a deductible.
Personal Property -

Personal Property

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Coverage to repair or replace your customer's covered personal belongings if they are damaged in an earthquake.
Building Code Upgrades -

Building Code Upgrades

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Helps cover the costs to get your customer's condo unit up to current building code standards.
Breakables -


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Useful coverage if glassware, crystal, china, ceramic, pottery, porcelain, or marble items are broken because of an earthquake.
Emergency Repairs -

Emergency Repairs

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Handy coverage when your customer needs to make urgent, necessary repairs after an earthquake to help protect their unit from further damage, such as plywood to board up damaged windows.
Loss Assessment -

Loss Assessment

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Up to their chosen coverage limit, Loss Assessment coverage helps pay your customer's share of certain assessments levied by their HOA on its members for earthquake-damage repairs or to pay a master-policy deductible. This coverage can help with charges for repairs to the exterior of your customer's condo development or certain common areas, as well as building code upgrades. Useful when certain charges get passed on to your customer by their HOA after an earthquake.  

Get more details about our condo policy coverages and deductibles.

Download a ​Condo Unit Owners Earthquake Insurance Brochure​ (PDF) or order policy brochures​ online​.

Ready to sell a CEA policy? 

*We encourage you to read the entire CEA policy—and its policy declarations page—to understand coverages and how they work. Exclusions and special limits apply. All terms and conditions of CEA insurance coverage are found in the CEA insurance-policy form. Refer to a sample policy, below. 

Condo Unit Policy Sample (PDF)
Optional Endorsement - Coverage For Breakables (PDF)

Learn more by taking a free agent training course. Once you pass, you’ll earn 2 CE credits and become part of our special Marketing Value Program!  

Condo FAQs

We've gathered some frequently asked questions from condo-unit owners and agents to help you understand how a CEA policy can help your insured recover from the next damaging earthquake.
Q. How does the deductible work for CEA’s condominium policies?
A. Your insured does not have to pay their deductible out of pocket to receive payment on a claim. The deductible is subtracted from their covered damage, so they don’t have to pay any of the deductible up front before receiving their claim payment. And remember that Loss of Use never has a deductible.
Q. Do CEA condo unit policies offer loss assessment coverage?
A. Yes. Loss Assessment coverage can be added to your insured’s CEA condo policy and has options up to $100,000 for an individual unit owner to help cover the cost of special assessments their Home Owners Association (HOA) may assess for the cost of repairing the unit structures, or may be used towards the HOA’s master policy deductible. For all terms and conditions please read the CEA condominium policy.
Q. Is my client’s condo unit at risk from an earthquake?
A. There are thousands of known faults in California, and scientists continue to discover new ones. Since earthquakes can happen anywhere in California, damage to your client’s condo unit and personal property is always possible. Check to see earthquake risk near you and your client and help them take steps to get prepared, which includes purchasing the best earthquake policy to meet their needs and budget.
Q. How can I help my condo-unit owner client choose the best CEA earthquake policy for their needs and budget?
A. Use CEA’s premium calculator for agents to help your condo client find a policy that works best for them. You can play around with coverage limits and deductible options, and add the coverage choices they’re interested in, to make sure they have the policy that fits their needs.

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