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​Annual Legislative Reports

California Insurance Code §10089.13(a) requires the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) to report annually to the Legislature and Insurance Commissioner on CEA program operations.

Reporting Year 2017 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2016 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2015 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2014 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2013 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2012 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2011 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2010 (PDF)
Reporting Year 2009 (PDF)

Seismic Event Reports

California Insurance Code §10089.13(e) requires CEA to file a report within 120 days following a seismic event that results in CEA claim payments.

120 Day 2014 American Canyon (South Napa) (PDF)
120 day 2014 Encino and La Habra (PDF)

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